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Key Dates of Interest for Parents
Date Time Event Where to Be
 30 Jun 16 0730 Basic Cadet ArrivalUSAFA
 01 Jul 16 0830 Swearing In CeremonyCadet Chapel Observation Area
 04 Jul 16 0730 4th of JulyNo Access
 15 Jul 16 0630 Field DayViewing access only no basic cadet interaction - athletic fields
 16 Jul 16 0730 RodeoNo Access
 23 Jul 16 0800-1800  Doolie Day Out Sponsors Only,
Clune Arena Parking Lot
 24 Jul 16 0700  March Out To Jacks Valley Parking - Clune Arena overflow parking lot NLT 0630. Viewing Areas will be marked.
 3 Aug 16 0900 March Back From Jacks Valley Parents viewing area will the Clune Arena Parking Lot, just as it was for the March Out. Parents cannot walk with the formation. Parents must be in place in the parking lot NLT 0900 entering from the USAFA North Gate.
 6 Aug 16    Transition Day  
 9 Aug 16
0900 Acceptance Day ParadeViewing Access Stillman Field/Visiting hours 1100-1300 on base after completion of pin-on ceremony

Basic Cadet Training (BCT) Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What can my son or daughter best do to prepare for BCT?
A:Exercise and eat healthy. No matter your level of fitness, you will be pushed to your limits. Get on a good sleep schedule. Determine your purpose. Enjoy your time home.
Q:Will I be notified if my child gets injured during BCT?
A:You will be notified if you son or daughter is injured and not able to complete all BCT requirements.
Q:Where can I find the dates and times for different events?
A:An abbreviated schedule with key dates and times for parents can be found above. At no time will parents or guardians be allowed to communicate person to person with their basic cadet.
Q:I want to watch cadets march to Jacks Valley. Where should I go?
A:Parking - Clune Arena overflow parking lot NLT 0730. Viewing Areas will be marked.
Q:If my cadet elects to quit or is removed from of BCT, will parents be contacted?
A:Yes. During in-processing, cadets fill out a form with your contact information. If a cadet is removed for any reason from BCT, Academy personnel will contact parents. This process can take up to 10 days from when the basic cadet initiates the desire to resign.
Q:Can parents visit their cadets during Doolie Day Out?
A: Yes, but it is not recommended unless the parents are official Sponsor Program Office. Basics are released ONLY to their Official Sponsor in the local area for Doolie Day Out. This policy ensures accountability and safety of the Basics on DDO. Doolie Day Out is a one-day event intended for the Basics to meet sponsor families, relax, and call home. If a parent meets all the requirements to become an official sponsor (to include residing in the local area), they may register with the Sponsor office and they can be matched to their child for the DDO event. To avoid disappointments, parents outside the local area are encouraged to visit USAFA during "Parent's Weekend" usually over Labor Day. Contact cadet.sponsor@usafa.edu with questions.
Q:Can parents send cadets a care package during BCT?
A:We request that you do not send care packages during BCT. Cadets may receive packages after the Acceptance Parade. If you send a package before then, it will be held until after Acceptance Day.
Q:Will my cadet have to do push-ups if I send him a nice care package? I heard that was a tradition.
A:No. Any packages sent to cadets during BCT will be held for them until after BCT. Only send nonperishable items.
Q:Can parents write letters to cadets during BCT? What is a cadet's mailing address?
A:Parents and cadets can exchange letters. Cadets are assigned a mail box at the Academy's post office during in-processing. Due to privacy concerns, your cadet will notify you of his/her mailing address in his/her first letter.
Q:Will my cadet have his/her cell phone at the Acceptance Parade so we can find each other?
A:No, cadets will not have their cell phones at the Acceptance Parade, however, family and friends will be allowed on the parade field to meet their cadets following the parade.
Q:Can my cadet bring his/her cell phone and charger with them when they in-process?
A: Yes, however, their cell phone and charger will be placed in locked storage and the only time during Basic Cadet Training that they will be able to retrieve them is on Doolie Day Out between 0900-1830 MST. They will be able to use their cell phones and chargers from 0900 until 1830 that day.
Q:Can I pin my cadet's boards on him/her during the Acceptance Parade?
A:No. Only upper-class cadets may pin-on shoulder boards. Parents will be allowed to enter the parade field, after the Acceptance Parade, and observe their cadets receiving their shoulder boards.
Q:Can I bring stuff to my cadet at the Acceptance Parade (printer, bike, other large items)?
A:The items fourth-classmen are allowed to have their first year are extremely limited. In accordance with the Cadet Sight Picture, fourth-classmen are allowed two items of personal memorabilia in addition to what they have been issued. All other items need Air Officer Commanding or Academy Military Trainer approval. We advise parents to have cadets verify they are allowed to possess something before parents bring or ship it to cadets.
Q:Can turn-backs bring uniform items from last year?
A:Yes. Blues and ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform) uniform items may be brought.
Q:Will there be an opportunity to visit with Doolies after the Acceptance Day Parade?
A:Yes. Friends and families of fourth class cadets are allowed to meet with their cadets following the "shoulder board pin-on" ceremony. This ceremony will take place on the parade field. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DISTURBING OTHER PIN-ON CEREMONIES. 4th class cadets should be back in their squadrons at their scheduled times. In order to help you find your cadet the squadrons are organized as follows: as viewed from your left to your right are Cadet Squadrons 1 through 10 followed by squadrons 11 through 20. To right of center are Cadet Squadrons 21 through 30 and finally to the extreme right are Cadet Squadrons 31 through 40. Authorized visiting hours are from 1100 to 1:00PM. After that time, we ask all escorted visitors to exit the Cadet Area. Fourth class cadets may not leave the base. Visitors are authorized to eat in the Mitchell Hall Dining Facility for a small fee.
Q:Who can I contact for any other questions pertaining to BCT?
A:Please forward all questions to the following email address: BCT_FAQ@usafa.edu

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