Logistics Readiness Squadron (Operations)
Cadet Uniforms


CADET UNIFORM (LGRCU) SECTION MISSION:  The Cadet Uniform Section is responsible for a broad spectrum of activities.  LGRCU manages the Academy Division of the Air Force Working Capital Fund (AFWCF).  LGRCU personnel are also responsible for maintaining Armed Forces specifications of Academy uniforms and clothing, scheduling cadet uniform fittings and issues, as well as Quality Assurance of two major cadet service contracts.  Personnel oversee the cadet funding and performance of the Cadet Tailor Shop (CTS) contract and Cadet Linen / Laundry & Dry Cleaning contract.  The CTS is responsible for tailoring, fitting, alterations and repairs of cadet uniforms.  Goodwill Industries provides laundry, dry cleaning and linen exchange services to the Cadet Wing.  Cadet Uniform personnel test, research, design and develop uniforms and uniform items for the USAF Academy.  They serve as technical consultants involving cadet uniforms, clothing and shoulder board specifications.  They inspect and conduct uniform quality control on all requisitions received in Cadet Issue.  These personnel also coordinate the USAFA Cadet Uniform Board which is the governing body for determining what items will be issued/sold to cadets and makes recommendations to the Superintendent concerning changes to cadet uniforms.

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