Women's Health

Location: 1st Floor, Bldg 4102, Main Clinic
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 0730-1630 (Closed Holidays & USAFA Family Days, Weekends, Closed 1st Thursday afternoon of each month for training)
Phone: (719) 333-5287
Fax: (719) 333-5251

If you have received a letter in the mail indicating that you are due for an appointment, please call 719-526-2273.

      How do I become eligible to receive your services?

Types of Patients - The Women's Health service provides care for eligible female beneficiaries.

Gynecology: Self referral

Obstetrics: The Women's Health clinic has limited prenatal care for those patients within the catchment area of Ft Carson. Patients obtain prenatal care at the Air Force Academy with labor and delivery done at Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH). Patients living outside the catchment area may receive a non-availability statement from EACH to receive civilian care.

      How do I get an appointment?

For routine appointments, please call the appointment line at 526-CARE.

We do walk-in pregnancy testing and Birth control refills, except for Depo-provera shots. Monday - Friday 8:00am - 11:00am, and 1:00pm - 3:00pm However, you need to be at least 2 weeks past your due date of your menstrual cycle. For emergencies, please call 911 or go to nearest E.R.

      I need to renew my prescription, who can I call?

GYN Patients - Please make an appointment with your PCM or Women’s Health for renewal; please check with pharmacy at 333-5157 to insure you have no refill available.

If you need to refill a current prescription, please call the Pharmacy refill number (719) 524-4081. You will need to pick up your refill at the Community Center pharmacy.
  • BIRTH CONTROL REFILLS - Requires up to date Gyn exam. If you are due for an exam, but will run out before you can get it, the Pharmacy can issue a 1 month supply until your appointment.
  • DEPO-PROVERA REFILLS AND INJECTIONS - Requires up to date Gyn exam within the past year. Injections will be given on an appointment basis only.

      If I need help after hours, who can I call?

You can contact the TRICARE Health Care Information Line, 1-888-874-9378, option 3 has a nurse available 24 hours a day for medical questions. If you are pregnant, you can call Evans Army Community Hospital's Labor & Delivery department at 526-7090.

      I need a referral, who do I call?

The Women's Health clinic is specialty clinic. If further specialty care is required, we will work to ensure your access to that level of care.

      Who is in the Woman's Health Clinic?

Your Healthcare Team is made up from the following medical professions: Nationally Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Medical Technicians

      Can I bring my children with me to my appointment?

Children may remain in the clinic waiting room if supervised by an adult; clinic staff will not be utilized for child care. Please make appropriate arrangements for their care during your appointment. In the interest of safety, children are not allowed in the exam rooms. To reduce exposure risk to our pregnant patients, please do not bring sick children to your appointment.

      Abnormal Pap Program

This program, also know as the dysplasia program, is to monitor our patients who have had abnormal PAP tests, which may indicate the presence of pre-cancerous cells. If you have just PCS'd into the area, and were on an abnormal PAP program at a previous base, please contact us to continue your follow-up care. If you are on our abnormal PAP program and are PCS'ing soon, please stop by our clinic to pick up your record to ensure follow-up care at your next assignment.

      Inclement Weather Policy

If the base is on 2 hour delay all appointments up to 0930 will be cancelled. If the base is closed all appointments will be cancelled. Please call central appointments on the next duty day to reschedule appointment.

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